Futuristic Proinnsias

Futuristic Proinnsias

The Future of Ireland with Thorium

I heard as a child that Saint Columbkille foretold that, after the 700 years domination by the Saxon finally came to an end (with "the burning of the Treasury where gold is deposited" in Nicholas Kearney's translation of 1855), Ireland would be so prosperous that no country on the face of the earth would be more prosperous than she.

This prophesy seemed far-fetched in the wretched country that I grew up in. Then Bertienomics came along and suddenly the Celtic Tiger was roaring. Unfortunately, our banks went too far too fast - borrowing cheap money and creating a property bubble - and the whole venture came tumbling down. Actually, there was not too much wrong with the government plan. What went wrong was that our banks borrowed far  too much cheap German money, and, when the bubble burst, the German money had to be paid back anyway - paid back by the poor tax-payer who had not borrowed a penny.

Now, news is that the empty office blocks built by Anglo Irish Bank are full and that there is insufficient space to house all the new ventures wishing to set up in Dublin.

Despite our extraordinary bank debts, the future looks rosy again. The world wants our butter and our brains, and global warming means we can produce more butter than ever.

The new Eire shall be Eire the prosperous;
Great shall be her renown and her power;
There shall not be on the surface of the wide earth
A country found to equal this fine country!
(Nicholas O'Kearney's translation of 1855 of a 10th century manuscript attributed to St. Columbkille, quoted in Peter Bander's book "The Prophecies of St Malachy & St Columbkille").

The Prophecies of St. Malachy and St. Columbkille
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One major obstacle to Ireland's prosperity in the past was the need to import almost 100% of our energy requirements. A proposal to build a nuclear power station was discontinued following popular opposition. Experiments with renewable energy have proved disappointing: any such energy sources are too expensive. Current technology in development offers a complete reversal of all that: safe nuclear energy deriving from Thorium. Radon gas is one of the natural by-products of Thorium, and its prevalence in Ireland indicates that we have an abundance of this material. Move to action stations! Our energy reserves are actually unlimited and our future is as bright as Columbkille indicated.

Of course, it will be a few years before the Thorium revolution comes on stream. In the meantime, then, what we need to do is:
  • Stop wasting money (e.g., uneconomic recycling);
  • Postpone projects with no immediate return (e.g., water meters);
  • Put capital into projects that will have a quick return (e.g., building in Dublin!);
  • Bring in the Mayo oil and gas;
  • Get fracking in Leitrim.

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