Futuristic Proinnsias

Futuristic Proinnsias

Future Transport:: Transport 21 Hundred and Krunchie's Cab

The motor car and the autobus are obsolescent: they can no longer deliver their promise of door-to-door transport at any time of day or night. The answer is not more railways, but Tube Transport (i.e., capsules travelling through tubes).

There are strong lobbies for the construction of ET3: a super-high-speed tube transport system that would be much more efficient than high-speed trains.

However, ET3 does not answer the need for a true replacement of the motor car, i.e., a form of Tube Travel that delivers door-to door transit. That is where Krunchie's Cab comes in, for it delivers just that.

Read all about it in my book "Transpport 21 Hundred: A Transport System to  replace Buses, Trains and Planes by 2100:"

Want to visit your cousin in another continent, have lunch in New York and dinner in Paris? Krunchie's Cab can look after the lot (as well as taking you to any part of your own town and country).
  • You catch Krunchie's Cab right outside your own door;
  • You tap a screen to select your destination from country/ county/ town/ street/ stop-number, and relax;
  • Krunchie's Cab whisks you through your local bendy-tube
  • To an urban or county ring-route tube; then
  • To an Inter-City tube and on
  • To a super-high-speed trans-continental tube;
  • That delivers you to the other continent
  • And to your cousin's local network
  • And right to your cousin's door.

You can lunch and dine where you like anywhere on the planet, curtesy of Krunchie's Cab. You can be whisked to your destination anywhere on the planet.

Now get the book (paperback or Kindle) from Amazon and read all about it.

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